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Sazka re-opens their mobile top-up service

Sazka SA, a lottery operator from Czech Republic revealed that it has signed an amended services contract in which they can continue to offer mobile telephone  top-up services from its online terminals.

Sazka had a downfall this past March when they were declared bankrupt, but recently Sazka decided to release its Chief Executive Officer, Ales Husak after making bad management decisions according to Sazka. It is rumoured that Sazka may have an approximately of $584 million dept and $6.11 million to give to past winners.

Last week Josef Cupka, the insolvency administrator signed this amended services contract with Telefonica O2, a telecommunications firm and up till now, they haven’t denied that they’re talking with other operators.

April 2002 was the date when Sazka launched their mobile top-up service from their online terminals but had to close down the operations in early 2010 because of the increasing debt.

Lenka Angelika Ticha from Sazk stated that “after renewing contracts with most agents in its distribution network last week, Sazka now plugs in gradually suspended as well as temporarily disconnected terminals.”

“Since Monday the technicians have plugged in 484 terminals and by the end of the week at least 63 more should be in place. At the end of this week, the distribution network will operate 5,961 terminals. In addition to the reintegration of the existing outlets, several new contracts for the distribution of products from Sazka’s portfolio were concluded.

“This confirms that, in addition to its players, the company is slowly gaining back the confidence of its business partners as well.”

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