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Sentor – security services in the iGaming industry

Expertise, experience and commitment
Today it’s no longer a question if a company will be subject to IT criminality, but when the attack comes. Most companies have assets in the form of digitally stored information and business critical IT systems which put the question of IT security on the management’s agenda rather than being a purely technical question.

Sentor’s mission is to be at the front of the development in order to effectively prevent our clients’ businesses from coming to harm.

Many companies outsource
Many companies choose to outsource parts of their IT security work. A common reason is the high cost of mustering the resources and competence needed. For example, setting up a Security Operations Center (SOC) to monitor one’s networks around the clock requires at least six full-time employments. A dedicated IT security company offers the benefits of a SOC to a much lower cost – adding value by providing experience from monitoring hundreds of networks.

Sentor’s business
Our work is divided into two parts which in tandem gives our clients optimal IT security:

With our service offering Managed Security Services we monitor and analyse our clients’ networks around the clock from our SOC. Learn more about our Managed Security Services »
With our Professional Services we assist clients in need of expertise to conduct security analyses of networks and applications. We also manage security incidents and investigate IT crime. Learn more about our Professional Services »
Have you got special demands on your IT security?
We have some of Scandinavia’s best consultants and programmers within the field of IT security. If no satisfying solution exists for your needs we are more than happy to assist you in developing one. An example of this is when we developed the anti-scraping service ASSASSIN together with online directory company Yell.com.

We can secure your business
Do you have questions regarding IT security or our company? Please call us at +44 (0) 20 70 33 18 38 or e-mail info@sentormss.com.

Sentor MSS UK
41a Coronet Street
London N1 6HD

Phone:  +44 (0) 20 70 33 18 38
E-mail: info@sentormss.com

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Sentor – security services in the iGaming industry
Posted Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

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