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Simbat – providing quality flash games for the iGaming industry

Simbat Entertainment Systems is dedicated to providing only the finest quality Flash games of chance that can be found in the Internet, set into exclusive gaming environment. Thousands of players all over the world appreciate unique game concepts that we offer. Please take a short look around before setting your course into the realm of online gaming and entertainment. 

Slots like these are widely spreaded and can be found in cafes and amusement halls pretty often. The games offered by Simbat are inspired by original’s look-a-likes and let you feel the thrill of those. The pool of games is updated with new titles on a regular basis, where every new title released is hotter than it’s predecessor. Next to the right you can see the most recent addition to the family of games we offer latest member. Millions of fun-credits are played here each and every day. That’s a free universe of entertainment for everyone and we gladly invite you to join. Click HERE to check it all out.

We offer a small range of “low budget” casino games. Simbat does not offer high-stakes gambling. Neither it should mean, however, that no attractive amounts of prize-money can be won in games like roulette, poker and blackjack. Even small amounts can grow into hundreds of Euros within minutes. You can also enjoy unlimited fun play, but the winnings there remain as virtual money of course. You can find the set of games we offer HERE.

Here’s a special range of casino games, known as the “One-Armed Bandit”. Despite of the fact that the side lever is actually a relic mechanism these days, intended simply to set the wheels of an ancient mechanical bandits in motion, we decided to keep for our Flash casino slot machines anyway. It is an integral part of an action and thrill, it is a part of a game-play we can’t let you miss, and yes, it surely works as supposed. Our selection of casino slot machines is also inspired by original existing machines, but every game was given a special touch so you could enjoy the flawless game-play and state-of-the-art graphics. Most importantly, unlike playing slots in a casino, you can play these games for free as much as you like. Click HERE to view our full range of games.

Hundreds and thousands of players enjoy the perfect synergy of live chat and bingo game in our virtual bingo rooms every day. Watch those colorful balls leave the bingo mill and experience the thrill when you are only one number away from getting a full house. And then, if you are the round winner, you will receive all those friendly congratulations of your fellow players who share your joy, knowing that you will do just the same when their lucky moment comes. Our bingo community make people friends; moments of joy or despair are shared among each other in a live community. We are proud to be able to fill a social gap that lots of people experience in a real, non-virtual world. Because here at Simbat’s it’s not all about the money, free play is an essential part of our games as well. To join, just follow THIS LINK.

Aarti Chambers, Suite 102
Mahe, Mont Fleuri
Website:  www.simbat.net

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Simbat – providing quality flash games for the iGaming industry

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