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TeleSign – telephone verification in the iGaming industry

Founded in December 2004, TeleSign is a leading provider of telephone verification services to web-based companies of all sizes. TeleSign’s flagship solution, Telephone Verification, allows businesses with an online presence to authenticate their users’ identities in real-time. PhoneID, another TeleSign technology, complements Telephone Verification by providing information about both domestic and international telephone numbers, including where a phone number is located and the type of phone associated with a particular number (landline, mobile, VOIP, etc.).

As of January 2011, TeleSign has processed over 1,048,000,000 transactions for clients in industries such as eCommerce, Lead Generation, Online Classifieds, and more. Our clients range in size from large Fortune 500 companies down to small, single-employee businesses.

TeleSign is a privately-held corporation based in Marina Del Rey, CA. If you’d like to learn about investing opportunities at TeleSign, please send an email to contact@telesign.com, and a representative will get in touch with you soon.


TeleSign Headquarters
TeleSign Corp.
4136 Del Rey Ave
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Fax: (310) 276-5903

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TeleSign – telephone verification in the iGaming industry

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