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The LGA and Malta’s licensing

Malta’s financial history tells us that it has been steady and stable in commercial services and banking. When Malta joined the EU, Malta had to include the EU’s regulations and money laundering safeguards. So with the new regulations Malta obtained together with the already strong legal regime that Malta had, made this island an excellent solution for operators to operate in. The LGA, Lotteries and Gaming Authority takes care of all the gaming in Malta

The Lotteries and Gaming Authority always aims to be both game neutral and technology neutral in the remote gaming department so that it can take care of all the different types of gaming and can also use the Internet, Mobile, TV’s with digital capabilities, telephones and faxes to it’s advantage.

There are various types of licensing in Malta, so the operators may choose to apply for either or for all of these licenses.

▪ Class 1 – This is where operators choose to manage their own risk on casino games, skill games and online lotteries. For repetitive games basically.

▪ Class 2 – This is where the operators choose to control their own risk on events like pool betting, fixed odds betting and spread betting. For events that are based on some type of matchbook.

▪ Class 3 –This is where operators promote and abet gaming from Malta and take commission from the promotion and/or abetting games like P2P Poker networks and Betting Exchange games and Game Portals.

▪ Class 4 –This is for Software Vendors that host and manage online gaming operators that have a class license excluding this one. This excludes all gaming risks and only receive commission.

▪ Class 1 on 4 – This license is for all games that are considered as games of chance or skill games that operate using a license class 4. This is where operators manage their own risks and operate on a third party platform.

▪ Class 3 on 4 – This is to promote abet gaming. This is for operators who promote or abet gaming on a class 4 license.

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