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The Malta Gaming Authority evolving, setting standards in professionalism

The Lotteries, Gaming Authority along with the Gaming industry have been evolving ever since they began. Presently, the Authority employs 55 people. In 2009, a restructuring process was started because there was a lack of human resources that ended up with a backlog of applications. The new LGA was divided into 3 divisions: the Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Division, the Corporate Affairs Division and the Enforcement Directorate.“This exercise also saw the grouping of various directorates to fall under one of the three pillars with a view to improve internal operations, facilitate business processes, and be structured in such a manner as to regulate and serve the industry more effectively”, explains Reuben Portanier, CEOof the LGA. The results spoke for themselves after in 2010, the LGA approved 161 full remote gaming licenses and 106 letters of Intent (LOI), which are temporary licenses allowing operator’ websites to go live. Better yet, there was a reported 31 per cent increase in the license application turnaround time in 2009 over 2008.


Since Malta was among the first countries to regulate eGaming, the island profited from the advantages and service providers are still positive about Malta’s geographical place for the future.  Malta also understands the eGaming industries requirements. “Malta has built up a wealth of resources geared towards the eGaming industry and these can be utilized by gaming operators irrespective of where they are licensed and where they are selling their products” says Daniela Grioli, Chairperson of the Malta Remote Gaming Council (MRGC).

Malta offers vital requirements to the eGaming companies such as a secure, stable and well-regulated environment for all interactive gaming activities and an extremely advanced legal system and technological infrastructure, effectively placed to please the requirements of the remote gaming sector which is continually developing. This combined with the island’s state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure, the low taxes and European Union membership make Malta a stunning solution for eGaming operators from around the world. Malta also has specialists in all areas that are aware of the complete requirements of the industry as well as those who provide support to the industry.

The Maltese government is dedicated to provide support to the industry in the future and the regulation is assessed. The industry keeps fighting it’s corner while the debate on the European acceptance of online gambling goes on.  Malta is also effectively mentioned in discussions at a European level along with other national entities because of the experience that Malta gained over the last few years. This makes Malta the ideal position to act as a hub for the pass porting of cross-border licenses. The Malta jurisdiction together  with  the eGaming industry are set to see the full liberalization in Europe even if they know that it may not come in the near future.

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