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Trebax Inovations – Advertising content in the iGaming industry

Trebax turns Advertising into Gaming and Apps – providing engaging, measurable conversion channels integrated across the web, mobile, and social media.

Trebax believes in redefining the creation of advertising content – pairing brands with games and other rich media – allowing marketers and agencies to engage people through the power of entertainment. With the Damn Small Games™ platform, brands can combine their campaign efforts with a custom, singularly resonating tool that helps your company, or your customers, overcome their biggest challenges:

To pair brands with personable and socially sharable experiences as to captivate a saturated market
Deliver measurable, dynamic-performance media that can change in real-time
Extend the lifecycle of campaigns and increasing ROI
Refine the campaign and improve conversions based on real-time metrics
Overcome deployment obstacles resilient to current technologies
See and be seen. Combine your marketing efforts across the multitude of media available today with a creative that stitches it all together
Trebax recognizes that there’s more to campaigns than just a platform. Starting with discussions about your strategic marketing objectives, Trebax helps your organization find the best path to implement key creative concepts to meet those objectives, prioritize and plan your marketing initiatives and define the critical roles of the people, process, and technology to achieve success.

Adam Leonard, Managing Director
Email: adam@trebaxgroup.com
Telephone: +442075588920

Trebax Innovations Ltd.
301-276 Queen St W
Toronto, ON, Canada
M5V 2A1

Trebax Innovations Ltd.
Standbrook House,
5th Floor, 2-5 Old Bond Street,
London W1S 4PD.

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Trebax Inovations – Advertising content in the iGaming industry
Posted Friday, February 11th, 2011

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