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Tube AB launches CasinoTube.com

Tube AB, a company based in Sweden has officially launched CasinoTube.com, a new domain said to offer its player a wider variety of tournaments and exclusive promotions. Tube AB, is also the same company behind the successful PokerTube.com

Tube AB was started back in 2006 when two regular poker tournament players Stefan Wittmoss and Ronnie Gustafsson decided to form the company. Tube AB stated that CasinoTube.com will aim to be an informative casino and offer fun games and will also offer lots of user-generated video content.

CasinoTube.com will offer something to everyone as operators are offered a chance to tap into a new group of players via special tournaments and promotional offers with the benefit of recording and uploading capabilities and players are offered a chance to view plenty of casino related videos and are also able to upload their own.

Wittmoss stated that “lots of people love casino games and we’re sure they would like to share this passion with others.”

He added that “we see this community as a natural step from poker. We have taken the user-generated video content within poker to another level and hope we can do the same with casino games.”

“Just as on PokerTube.com, we will record and comment on different online casino games and, hopefully, the operators will see the value in this kind of content. Users can also upload and share live footage from their casino travels and visits.”

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