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World-Check – client’s security in the iGaming industry

World-Check risk intelligence reduces customer exposure to potential threats posed by the organisations and people they do business with. More than 4 500 institutions, including over 49 of the world’s top 50 banks and 200 enforcement and regulatory agencies, rely on the World-Check database of known heightened-risk individuals and businesses to efficiently screen their customers, associates, transactions and employees for potential risk.

World-Check’s research department methodically profiles individuals and entities deemed worthy of enhanced scrutiny, as well as occurrences of fraud, corruption, terrorism, money laundering, narcotics trafficking and many other types of financial crime. This highly structured database is regularly updated by our international research team and is derived from thousands of reliable public sources.

It also covers Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), their family members and potentially high-risk associates worldwide, thus making World-Check risk intelligence the ideal solution for Politically Exposed Foreign Person (PEFP) and PEP screening.

World-Check’s proprietary database and tools are continually used in financial compliance, Anti Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), Politically Exposed Person (PEP) screening, Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD), fraud prevention, government intelligence and enforcement, and other identity authentication, background screening and risk-prevention practices.

In addition to the financial industry other client sectors include, insurance, legal, gaming, aviation, real estate, consultancy, natural resources and accounting to name but a few.

World-Check’s acquisition of IntegraScreen has added due diligence reporting  to its portfolio of products and services. We offer customers an end-to-end risk management solution that incorporates customised country risk assessments, full-spectrum risk intelligence as well as comprehensive reporting, indepth analysis and monitoring across markets and industries. Our IntegraScreen reports provide comprehensive background risk assessments of prospective and existing clients, M&A targets, IPO candidates, business partners and agents, and are designed to help mitigate international business, legal and reputational risks.

World-Check due diligence reports are specifically designed to meet compliance obligations relating to KYC, KYE and business partner screening as required by the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), USA Patriot Act and similar legislation.

Enhanced due diligence is essential when:
•    Conducting pre-merger and acquisition inquiries and pre-IPO research
•    Entering into a new international joint venture
•    Engaging a critical business partner in an emerging market
•    Reviewing international hedge funds and implementing best practices for regulatory compliance and corporate governance.

How is World-Check’s intelligence gathered?

World-Check correlates unstructured data in order to provide highly structured intelligence that users can quickly and easily access to protect themselves from potential risk. For this task, teams of multi-lingual researchers and editors located around the world, methodically monitor and check hundreds of thousands of public sources including government, sanction and police sites as well as the national and international media. This open-source information is correlated into highly structured profiles on terrorists, fraudsters, narcotics traffickers, shell banks, organised crime organisations, sanctioned entities, plus many other categories that pose a lesser risk but are equally of interest. Profiles are linked revealing relationship networks between family members, middlemen and associates – where the real risk often lies.

Annual subscriptions give customers direct access to World-Check’s research department. At no extra cost, users can submit research requests regarding individuals or entities about whom they may have a question or suspicion. Given a research force of more than 400 open source experts, most queries are investigated within 24 hours. The relevant profiles are then updated, where appropriate.

How can I access World-Check?

World-Check can be accessed through two annual subscription models:
The Online version which allows for simple manual checking of individuals and entities, one submission at a time, and the Data-File (flat file) designed for clients requiring an automated solution.

World-Check Online is a website-based risk screening service that enables users to check individual or entity names against the full World-Check database. It instantly reveals any known regulatory, financial or reputational risks the individual or organisation may hold, and highlights any potential associate risks. Its purpose-built network visualisation tool produces instant and dynamic mapping of complex relationships, which is where the real risks often lie.

Incorporating Passport-Check, World-Check Online verifies the authenticity of ‘machine readable’ (MRZ) passports from more than 180 countries. Search results can be printed, emailed or saved electronically as proof of due diligence. Annual subscription allows for unlimited access, look-ups, printouts and suspicious name reporting.

The integration of name screening and ID document verification into one process provides both commercial and government clients with a unique solution to match the stringent international know-your-customer due diligence obligations.

The Data-File (flat file) is delivered in multiple formats (CSV or XML) and can be loaded into all industry standard filtering software and name matching  applications. In this way sensitive customer information can be checked regularly and in-house for maximum data security and confidentiality. Additionally, World-Check’s Data-File allows for ‘dynamic downloads’, which enables clients to perform data-sliced requests, thereby downloading data subsets relevant for specific internal purposes.

World-Check’s Data-File is updated twice daily to ensure our customers have access to the latest information. Annual subscription allows for unlimited downloads.

159 Great Portland Street
London, England W1W5PA
United Kingdom
Phone:   +44 870-0053238
Fax:   +44 870-7622005
Website:  www.world-check.com
Email:  contact@world-check.com

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World-Check – client’s security in the iGaming industry
Posted Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

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