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ZignSec releases a new Mobile verification software

ZignSec, an iGaming fraud prevention software developer based in Sweden has released a new verification service that will allow better identity verification for the operators by using their mobile phones.


ZignSec is PayGround AB’s subsidiary and according to them, their new mobile verification service has been designed to specifically ‘enhance the customer verification process at source via VPC Technology and SMS for registrations, payments and log-ins’.


This system works by having the user or player entering his/her mobile number on the operator’s website and will then receive an SMS with a pin code which the under may enter to have his/her identity verified. This will also be used by the user to log-in and check payment details.


Markus Andersson, ZignSec’s Cheif Executive Officer stated that “our solution is designed to be as simple as possible for both the operator and their users while employing state-of-the-art technology to combat the visible and non-visible threats of fraud in the online sector.”


“The system not only offers operators, particularly those in the online gaming space, the opportunity to heighten their defences against fraud, it also offers them a cost effective way to do so that is significantly appreciated by their end-users.”


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