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Zynga acquires DNA Games

Zynga, a popular social gaming firm has agreed to get buy DNA Games Incorporated, popular for games like Bar World, Casino City and Slot City. This will be the 14th acquirement of Zynga this year.

Zynga didn’t officially state the value of the purchase, however they did  mention that the current Chief Executive Officer and also the founder of DNA Games Jonathan Lee will retain his position after the purchase to be able to develop new and interesting games in the future.

Lee, established DNA Gmaes in 2009, with help from Shaun Haase, a professional search engine marketing expert and they developed many popular games for popular social sites like Facebook. Casino City, is their most popular game currently having 2million active monthly users, followed by Slot City with 438,000 and Bar World having 382,000.

Zynga stated that “DNA Games has a proven track record developing highly engaging social games and a technology platform that enables rapid iteration and optimisation of game features and design.”

“Its expertise will be a valuable asset in next-generation game development for Zynga.”

Zynga are confident that Lee and his team will lead to better games in future.

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